Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R4 Release

Learn about the latest Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2019 release, with new features in Graphics Frame Analyzer, Graphics Monitor, Stream Capture, and expanded DirectX* functionality.

Hi, I'm Carlos Dominguez from Intel, and I’m here to tell you about the latest Intel® GPA news and updates. Expect to see new features in Graphics Frame Analyzer, Graphics Monitor, and Stream Capture for the 2019.4 release.

Additionally, Intel® GPA Framework’s DirectX* functionality has been expanded.

This release includes the ability to trigger when a stream capture starts and stops during gameplay, a consolidated list view of captured frame, stream, and trace files within Graphics Monitor, custom GPU event grouping and annotation, and expanded the feature set for DirectX applications in Intel® GPA Framework.

We have streamlined the way you view and open files across the tool suite by implementing a list view of all trace, stream, and frame captures within Graphics Monitor.

Double-clicking on any file will open the capture within its respective tool. In the same vein, selecting the ‘x’ on any file will permanently delete the capture from your system and make room for additional frame, stream, or trace files.

With this release, you can now trigger when a stream both starts and ends its capture on DirectX 12 applications. This functionality can be enabled through the Graphics Monitor settings.

Navigate to the “Stream” tab and turn on deferred capture before launching an application for injection. Pressing the ‘L’ key will trigger the start and stop of a stream capture.

The HUD will indicate whether a capture has started, is in progress, or has ended, respectively. Only one capture can be taken per application execution.

Not only can you customize when you start or stop a stream capture, but you can enhance your performance profiling workflow with the ability to create GPU event groupings in Graphics Frame Analyzer.

To do so, select contiguous events in the bar chart or API log and click on the plus next to the grouping. From here, you can provide the desired name for the collection of events.

Create as many groups and sub-groups as desired in any frame. Keep in mind, however, that events cannot be added to a group post-creation.

You can also remove the grouping from the API log by pressing the minus button next to it.

Additionally, our team has continued to add features to Intel® GPA Framework that include, but are not limited to:

  • Asynchronous screenshot support and the ability to specify the output format for DirectX 11 and 12 application and support for metadata extraction and metric collection for DirectX 12 applications.

Thank you for watching. For more information about the Intel GPA 2019.4 release and to download GPA for free, see the links. Remember to like this video and subscribe to the Intel® Software YouTube channel for more Intel GPA news and updates.