Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R2 Release

Learn about some of the new and improved features in the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R2 Release, and we are excited to welcome the new Intel® GPA SDK to our suite of tools!

Hi, and welcome. I'm Giselle Gomez from Intel, here to tell you about the latest Intel GPA updates. The 2019 R2 release has added multiple quality of life features to current support and introduces a new member to the tool family.

Our team would like to welcome Intel GPA SDK to the GPA suite of tools. A new tool that allows users access to GPA through a programmatic interface. We've also added support for DirectX12 applications and multi-frame analysis technical preview and augmented our Vulkan support feature set.

We hope you all have been using and enjoying Intel GPA's multi-frame stream capturing for DirectX11 and Vulkan applications. Because in this release, we've exposed the Vulcan back end, which includes capture playback and analysis functionality, among other things as a scriptable, fully automatable SDK.

Intel GPA SDK gives you access to all Vulkan functionality available within the current tool suite. This allows you to programmatically analyze streams, and collect performance information from a Vulkan application, leverage the features in the SDK to automate performance regressions, and integrate profiling capabilities into your current tools ecosystem. Check out the links provided to learn more about the SDK, get started with samples, and read the documentation.

In addition to exposing stream capturing through the SDK, we have also included DirectX12 in our multi-frame analysis technical preview. Take advantage of the stream capturing workflow that is now available for DirectX12, by turning off tracing within Graphics Monitor, and selecting stream from the drop-down menu before launching your application.

Keyframes are also available for DirectX12, and act like save points within a stream, allowing you to playback a captured stream from a nearby keyframe instead of the beginning, minimizing playback time. Keyframes are available both as a key press or as a time interval, from the Settings menu within Graphics Monitor.

Last but not least, we're excited to say that our Vulkan feature set is growing. We are full steam ahead and continuing to contribute to the list of resources, and experiments, available to Vulkan users. Some of the new features you can expect to see in Graphics Frame Analyzer for Vulkan are SPIR-V and HLSL shader modification experiments, Ubuntu support, and the ability to view sampler states, multi-sampled resources, and stencil textures.

Remember, Vulkan profiling is only supported through multi-frame stream capturing. Single frames of Vulkan applications cannot be captured through Graphics Monitor.

For more information about the Intel GPA 2019 R2 release, and to download GPA for free, see the links. Remember too like this video and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube channel for more Intel GPA news and updates.

Thanks for watching.