Scant “vision-type” applications can’t reap additional benefits when accelerated for GPUs—whether discrete GPUs or integrated multicomponent architectures.

This session focuses on how to do exactly that. How? Using the optimized software tools found in the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit coupled with Data Parallel C++ (DPC++), which is based on familiar C++ and SYCL* languages.

Join software application engineers Anant Sinha and Alberto Villareal for a tour through the entire oneAPI workflow of GPU-focused acceleration, including:

  • Identifying the parts of your code that will benefit from acceleration (Hint: This task uses the Offload feature in Intel® Advisor.)
  • Creating accelerated software in DPC++
  • Exploring oneAPI accelerated libraries
  • Showing how to optimize the final code result and running it in Intel® DevCloud on the latest Intel® Processor Graphics Architecture

Get the Software

  • Download the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit—includes nearly 20 development tools and libraries for creating cross-architecture applications, including everything showcased in this webinar.
  • Sign up for an Intel DevCloud account—a free development sandbox with access to the latest Intel® hardware and oneAPI software.

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Anant Sinha
Software applications engineer, Intel Corporation

Anant helps developers optimize their deep-learning and machine-learning applications for Intel® architectures. Prior to joining Intel in 2018, he spent nearly 10 years as a software product engineer and software developer for ESRI*, a global market leader in the geographical information system (GIS) framework. Anant holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, a master of engineering in computer science from Cornell University, and master's degree in computer science from the University of California, Riverside.


Alberto Villareal
Software applications engineer, Intel Corporation

Alberto helps developers optimize their applications to take advantage of parallel architectures. He came to Intel in 2016 with 15 years of experience in software optimization, and algorithm development and analysis in the energy industry. Alberto holds two master of science degrees from the Colorado School of Mines: mathematics and computer science, and geophysics.



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