Synthetic DNA & oneAPI—Revolutionizing Digital Storage

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Long-term data storage is a prevailing dilemma in today's world, whether that data is a lifetime of family photos, generations of mp3s and mp4s, or exascale-levels of data science datapoints. The exponential growth of data generation is driving a very real need to develop innovations for storing it---innovations beyond the typical media of hard disks, SSDs, or tapes, all of which have limited storage and lifespan.

A new solution is a synthetic DNA.

It's a robust and dense alternative to storing digital data at scale and accurately, and it's the topic of this conversation. Listen in to find out how, with the right set of open-source tools and optimizations, synthetic DNA is paving the way for the next generation of advancements. 


  • Raja Appuswamy, Assistant Professor in the Data Science Department, EUROCOM (LinkedIn*  |  Twitter*)
  • Sujata Tibrewala, Sr. Manager of Open Source Alliance, Intel Corporation (LinkedIn*  |  Twitter*)



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