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Aug. 19, 2022 – At Intel® Innovation 2022, we will share how Intel is supporting and growing advanced technologies forged within open ecosystems.

The Importance of Ecosystems

A global ecosystem that drives technology forward rapidly is good for developers, society, and (yes) Intel; as a company, Intel doesn’t want to be known as an entity that merely designs and manufactures hardware for others to innovate on.

To the contrary, Intel wants to help drive innovation through its contributions.

Here are two examples.

This year alone, two extremely important hardware standards built on technology originally donated by Intel have gained significant traction.

  1. In March, the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) standard was formed by Intel, AMD, Arm, and the major foundries. 
  2. In early August, it was announced that the OpenCAPI consortium would join the Compute Express Link (CXL) consortium.

Open Source Software

On the software side of things, open source software has been a driver of technological advancement for decades. Since its conception, open source software has provided a framework for collaboration between individuals and corporations to benefit from a common goal. From core software like Linux* and Python to popular applications like Blender, HandBrake, and GIMP, open source software is a foundation of modern computing.

Perhaps most importantly, open source software fosters innovation. The vibrant community allows developers to leverage a shared cache of knowledge rather than reproduce previous efforts. In addition, modern practices drive open source software towards a high standard of quality. This all nurtures an environment where developers can focus on making the next technological breakthrough.

At Intel Innovation—which is wholly focused on developers—the Open Accelerated Compute track is driven by how we help them maximize productivity using open standards and open source software. We will share:

  • How Intel is active in the Kubernetes community, contributing performance optimizations to help provide cloud users the same performance they have come to expect on any Intel platform.
  • Performance enhancements that leverage more modern hardware to Java via the OpenJDK.
  • Intel’s involvement in community efforts to standardize web APIs related to accelerators, thereby giving developers another avenue to confidently leverage a consistent software stack across platforms.

As we grow and innovate together, one high-priority area is ensuring that open source software is safe and secure, which is why Intel is a significant supporter of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). As the log4j vulnerability showed us, just being open source does not guarantee security. Only through careful design and implementation of security layers can open source software provide the trusted base for the innovation we desire.

Open source software is vital to our future, and we at Intel will continue to do what we can to nurture the open source community.

If you are interested in any of the technology contributions mentioned in this article, you can hear more by attending Intel Innovation from September 27–28, 2022 in San Jose California.