How to Move the Intel® Software License Manager to a New Server

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Updated 7/25/2017
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Moving the Intel® Software License Manager involves many of the same steps as performing the initial install.  It will prevent license checkout until the steps are completed.

  1. Download the Intel® Software License Manager User's Guide.
  2. Determine the hostname and host ID for the new server.  Instructions here.
  3. Log into the Intel® Registration Center.
  4. Download the latest version of the Intel Software License Manager and copy it to your new server.
  5. Update the host information for your license in one of two ways:
    1. If your license server is connected to the internet, you may simply delete the old host information from the registration center and provide the serial number during installation to allow the installer to automatically update the license with the new server information and default ports.
    2. Modify the host information in the registration center and download the new server license to your new server.  The default folder used by the license server is /opt/intel/serverlicenses/ for Linux* and [Program Files]\Common Files\Intel\ServerLicenses\ for Windows*.
  6. Download the client license file.
  7. Run the license manager installer according to the instructions in the User's Guide and provide the new license file\folder.
  8. After starting the license manager (lmgrd) process, make sure that the lmgrd and INTEL vendor daemon ports are not blocked by a firewall.
  9. Update the client machines to access the new server.  Check the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.
    1. If it uses port@host, change them to the new server.  Most likely only the host needs to change.  
    2. If it contains a path, check the path for the floating license.  Remove this floating license, and replace it with the client license file downloaded from the registration center in step 6.  

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