How do I change the Server/Host data I provided for my floating license?

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Updated 7/24/2017
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NOTE: See the article on "How to find Host ID for Floating licenses".

Edit the host data

  1. Log in to the Intel® Registration Center by entering your login ID and password. 
  2. You will see the list of Products registered to you in the Entitlements view. See How do I register a floating license? if you have not registered or activated your Floating license.
  3. Locate the Product Key or Serial Number for the license you would like to change.
  4. Click the (…) under the Actions column and select the Rehost (Update & Regenerate License) option.
  5. Enter the new server/host information (specify the Server ID, Server name, Server Port and Vendor Port) 
    If you intend to install and configure two or three redundant license host servers, you must specify the server name and server id for each of your license host server systems when you register your floating license(s). If you only have two license host server systems, enter a valid system name and host id for another system you do not intend to use as a license host server system, but remember that both of your valid license host server systems must be up and running at all times. All three entries for redundant license host server systems must be unique, so any duplicates will not allow the license to be updated and generated properly. 

    Note: FlexNet licensing does not support two license servers - only one or three. If using three-server redundancy, a least two servers must be up and running at all times or the license server will be "down". Ensure that the servers are on the same network subnet. Also, the second and third servers are only hot spares, so using them to provide local connections is not a valid use.

  6. Submit the changes. 
  7. If you do not get any errors, then click on "Email License" or " Download License" icon under Actions column to get your new license file.
  8.  After you receive your updated .lic license file, you must replace the old license file with the new one on your license host server system(s). If you use a combined license file (see section 4.3 in the Intel FLEXlm* User Guide), you must update your combined license file with the new license information.
  9. After your new license file or updated combined license file is on your license host server system(s), you must restart your license host server process on the license host server system(s) so your new license file or updated combine license file will be read.


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