Visual Cloud

Delivering excellent performance, TCO savings, and easy deployment of graphics-intensive workloads on Intel platforms.

The Visual Cloud Story

From video streaming to remote workstation, more content is being delivered via cloud computing every day, requiring new architectures and approaches to hardware deployments. Intel helps meet growing demands of visual cloud by focusing on solutions for video delivery, cloud graphics, and visual understanding workloads. Our hardware architecture provides flexibility, quality, and TCO optimized delivery, while Intel® software product offer essential building blocks for addressing the visual cloud segment.

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Impressive Video Delivery, Both Live, and Streaming

Ubiquitous use of video and other visual media now require economical, fast, and high quality transcoding of content to support user demands. With the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1500 v5 product family with integrated graphics, application and system developers can create very high performance video processing solutions using standard server technology, while also gaining flexibility, performance, and TCO benefits.

Cloud Graphics Keep You Competitive

Enterprises want to employ technologies that enable their technical employees to securely collaborate and solve complex and interconnected problems. These employees need cost-effective access to their primary tool – the workstation – from anywhere at anytime.

Those goals are at the heart of cloud-hosted workstations that leverage new technologies from Intel. These solutions allow engineers to work with demanding 3D graphics applications from virtually anywhere in the world, with all data and applications hosted in a secure data center.

Enhance Your Visual Understanding

Billions of pieces of visual content are shared every day, giving companies the challenge of analyzing that data to extract meaningful insights, create new types of services and enhance existing services - all while protecting intellectual property.

Intel is working with industry leaders to develop solutions based on Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor that will both train and score cloud images for visual understanding, while enabling dramatic performance gains and ease of deployment in enterprise and cloud environments.

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