FPGA Video Solutions

The digital video industry is facing new challenges of UHD and 8K video along with network and data center modernization. Intel® FPGA based designs offer solutions that are flexible, customizable, and scalable to maximize production timelines and maximize lifecycles.

Why Choose Intel® FPGAs


Enable differentiation with hardware-level programmability and in-field updates.

Fast Time to Market

Faster release of new video connectivity and video processing solutions.


Replace multiple specialty chips with a single general purpose FPGA.


“With Crestron, customers are always afforded the flexibility they need while designing their work spaces. With the DM-NVX-D80-IoAV, customers have the ability to work with multiple vendors in a single ecosystem,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron CTO. Our revolutionary plug-and-play solution is the culmination of a partnership with Intel and an immense investment in both dollars and engineering man-hours.”

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IHSE White Paper: KVM Meets Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) by Intel

"For decades, Intel has set groundbreaking technological standards that take a leading position in the industry and have sometimes also become industry standards.

Intel® FPGAs are integral components of almost every IHSE KVM system. Mission-critical computer systems need to operate on a 24/7 basis. Any equipment inserted into the data flow must offer extensive redundancy capability, fail-safe operation, and continuous operation with hot-swap capability. IHSE relies on Intel® FPGAs for their secure KVM systems to ensure the highest level of safety and security. Intel standards, such as the OPS format, are well thought-out and widespread in the market and offer excellent starting points for further innovation. For example, IHSE has developed an ideal addition for OPS screens that allows remote and secure location and switching of computers."

Dr. Enno Littman, CEO IHSE GmbH:

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DFI Solutions Brief: Intelligent Touch and Display Module (IT-DM)

Learn how the Intel® FPGA based Intelligent Touch and Display Module (IT-DM) platform enables Display Solution vendors to adapt to new technologies quickly and in a standardized way.

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Intel is modernizing the digital signage industry with a new distributed architecture. Learn about the new solutions provided by JWIPC and iBASE.

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Learn more about how Intel® FPGAs are accelerating high quality HDR to SDR conversions and vice versa.

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DARBEE Vision Solution

Learn more about the DarbeeVision solution that leverages Intel® FPGAs to enhance the viewing experience and accelerate image/video processing for multiple types of visual use cases.

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The Ross SMPTE ST 2110 SWIFT platform built for UHD and how Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGAs helps to meet the ever increasing demands of UHD video.

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The Move to the Data Center Changing consumer consumption habits are pushing studios to solutions that can quickly adapt and scale to meet customer demands.

Pro AV

Better Interactive Visual Experiences New office environments are driving the need for seamless device integration and deployment in enterprise and public networks.

Smart Retail

Better Interactive Experiences for Your Customers Users interactive solutions are driving the integration of ProAV technology for better customer experiences that touch the enterprise data center and cloud.


Innovate Today with Intel® FPGA and Off-the-Shelf Video Solutions:


Building 8K and Ultra HD Solution with Intel® FPGAs

Learn how Intel® FPGAs are using in digital displays such as video conference, video streaming, video white boards, and medical imaging equipment.

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Robust 4K60 Transport Over a Single 12G SDI Link

SMPTE ST-2082 demonstration in Intel® Arria® 10 device.

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HDMI Audio to I2S Demo

Watch this demo showing how audio can be extracted from an HDMI source using an Intel® FPGA.

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Accelerating innovation with devices, tools, and IP. To learn more, browse through our available FPGA development kits, reference designs, and IP cores.

Intel® FPGA Design Services

Accelerate your time to market now with the Intel® FPGA turn-key video & vision design services.

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