Propel Your Data Center Into the Future

Dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Intel® Rack Scale Design is a revolutionary, new architecture that disaggregates compute, storage, and network resources, and introduces the ability to more efficiently pool and utilize these resources.

Unlock Infrastructure Potential with Intel® Rack Scale Design

Intel® RSD complements virtualization, cloud computing, and other software-oriented approaches by dynamically composing workload-optimized hardware while at the same time allowing workloads to run on bare-metal and do it all with a single management console.

  • HARDWARE: Intel® RSD adds the ability to dynamically compose physical hardware resources into the most optimal configuration for each workload. This ability to “compose on the fly” frees data center managers from time consuming tasks of re-partitioning hardware manually. When compute, storage, and network resources are underutilized, they can be re-allocated with ease.
  • SOFTWARE: Intel® RSD is built on a modern, open RESTful API standard that is gaining wide adoption in the industry. By using an open standard, end users are not “locked in” to a proprietary vendor’s solution. Using the open-sourced Intel RSD reference software, OEMs can provide additional innovation and differentiation beyond the API standard.

Intel® Rack Scale Design Demonstration

Watch an Intel® Rack Scale Design demonstration of a true multi-vendor interoperability using Intel Rack Scale Design industry standard APIs.

Intel® RSD - Revolutionizing the Data Center

Laying the foundation for the modern scalable data center:

  • FLEXIBLE: Quickly and dynamically configure customized systems to meet your needs
  • MANAGEABLE: Discover, compose, and monitor infrastructure using powerful, modern API-based software
  • ECONOMICAL: Buy and upgrade only what you need and when you need it
  • OPEN: Benefits of choice, interoperability, flexibility, and industry-wide innovation

Resources to Manage Data Center Effectiveness

Intel® Rack Scale Design APIs simplify resource management and provide the ability to dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Software developers, data center IT administrators, facilities managers, and debuggers can learn more about both Intel® Rack Scale Design v1.2 and the newly released v2.1 by downloading the following specs, guides, and release notes.

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Develop Software with Intel® Rack Scale Design

Implement Intel Rack Scale Design if you are ready to simplify resource management and provide the ability to dynamically compose resources based on workload-specific demands.

Intel Rack Scale Design is based on open industry standard Redfish*.

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Read What Our Partners Are Saying about Intel® Rack Scale Design

We've worked with Intel to design Intel® RSD solutions for telecoms and hosting companies with data centers running heterogeneous software stacks. Together, we have built a powerful set of solutions for those users who are in desperate need to simplify hardware management.
– Mike Yang, President of Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

Intel® Rack Scale Design is the next-generation infrastructure design aimed at providing better TCO for Ericsson and our customers. Together with Intel, Ericsson has been at the forefront of deploying a globally distributed infrastructure and our joint efforts in pushing RSD forward is evident at every layer of the technology and infrastructure stack.
– Howard Wu, Head of Product Line SW Defined Infrastructure

Learn more about Ericsson and Intel® Rack Scale Design

Supermicro RSD is fully compliant with Intel® Rack Scale Design specifications and optimized for all Supermicro X10 and new X11 generation building block solutions. As a company founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Supermicro over the past 20 years has focused on being first to market with solutions based on new technologies from Intel and bringing time to market advantage to customers. Rack Scale Design is no exception.
– Michael Mcnerney, General Manager, Solution Enablement, Supermicro

We see Intel® Rack Scale Design as foundational component in the evolving solutions for software-defined data centers at scale. With the DSS 9000, we have worked alongside Intel to bring the benefits of hyperscale environments to service providers while addressing the dynamic nature of today’s data centers.
– Jyeh Gan, Director of Product Management and Strategy, Dell EMC Extreme Scale Infrastructure

Inspur supports enterprise users as they undergo their digital transformation and migrate to the cloud. Based on Intel® RSD, Inspur InCloudRack enables the infrastructure reconstruction and software definition of the next generation infrastructure. Intel® RSD enables increased performance through pooled resources and can greatly enhance resource utilization and flexibility in the data center.
– Leijun Hu, VP, & CTO of Inspur

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