Are you ready for the biggest Platform Leap in a Decade?

The biggest platform advancement in a decade just might be your biggest business opportunity in decade. See what’s next for server performance with the new Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family. Accelerates performance agility, strengthens security, and improves efficiency.

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Data Center

Data Center Solutions

Use partner-only resources to plan, build, and deploy your cloud data center solutions.

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Get the latest resources, tools, and information about product to take advantage of the storage modernization and transformation revenue opportunity.

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Learn how Intel® architecture can address the demands of high performance computing.

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Guide your customers to smart investments using a real server or reliable server refresh solution options.

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Desktop and Mobile

Desktop and Mobile Solutions

Deliver unprecedented power and responsiveness with easy built-in security, so that your customers can work, play, and create quickly and seamlessly.

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Use exclusive, partner-only resources to help you plan, build, and deploy Intel®-based education solutions.

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Your customers want efficiency, productivity, and mobility. Offer them the benefits of a PC refresh.

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Get tools and resources to sell your clients devices based on the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors.

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Offer your enthusiast customers performance PCs powered by Intel that let them get the ultimate gaming and content creation experience.

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Internet of Things

IoT Opportunities

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling innovation in nearly every part of our lives. Take advantage of this global transformation and learn how you can earn Specialty Benefits by selling IoT solutions.

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Industrial Automation

Learn how manufacturers are using data analytics to operate more efficiently.

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Learn how Intel and its partners are modernizing the energy grid with integrated, scalable hardware and software solutions.

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Military Aerospace and Government

Explore the standards-based IoT solutions from Intel for military, aerospace, and government applications.

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Find out how retailers use the IoT to provide personalized and immersive experiences to customers.

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Learn how Intel is shaping the future of the transportation industry with its IoT solutions.

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Smart Buildings

Learn about the IoT-enabled operational systems that deliver accurate and useful information about buildings.

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Digital Security and Surveillance

Examine the impact of real-time videos on key business decisions.

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Digital Signage

Engage customers with digital signage technology from Intel.

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Intel® Product Roadmaps and Reference Documents

As an Intel® Technology Provider, you can get access to the latest Intel® Roadmaps for desktops, servers, and more, as well as key reference documents including launch updates and discontinuance guides.

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