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What is Collage Display or Combined Desktop?


Collage mode allows you to share one image across various displays.


What is collage mode (also known as combined desktop)?


Collage Display/ Combined Desktop is a feature that enables you to share one image across multiple independent displays, regardless of the panel or monitor type. The number of supported displays depends on the capabilities of your computer or motherboard. See below for more details.

  • The minimum number of displays required to use Collage Display is two.
  • The maximum number of displays for Collage Display, without an external splitter, is three.
  • Using an external DisplayPort* splitter, the maximum number of displays is four.
  • In Windows® 10 and Windows 11*, a Local Flat Panel (LFP), such as laptop built-in display, will not count towards the number of displays when using collage mode. Only an External Flat Panel (EFP) will count towards the number of displays in collage mode.

Check with your computer or motherboard manufacturer for more information.

IGCC Combined Desktop Mode: User Guide pdf icon
This document is a user guide supporting Sky Lake, Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake, Kaby Lake Refresh, Coffee Lake, Gemini Lake, Whiskey Lake, Amber Lake and Comet Lake Processor Graphics.

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Date: June 2020
Revision: .5

IGCC Combined Desktop Mode: User Guide for 10th+ Gen pdf icon
This document is a user guide supporting 10th+ Generation Core™ Processor Graphics.

Size: 627 KB
Date: July 2021
Revision: 1.1

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