How to Acquire E1A and E1B Processor Carriers for Intel® Xeon® Processors?


Install & Setup



Boxed processors: The correct carrier will be included in the box.

Tray processors: If a motherboard vendor does not include the correct carrier with their solution, carriers will need to be obtained directly from one of the following carrier suppliers: Foxconn, Lotes, or TE Connectivity.

Processor Carrier Foxconn Interconnect Technology* LOTES Co Ltd* Tyco Electronics Connectivity (TE*)
Package Carrier Assembly - E1A WNMEC00-0NNK1-EH AZIF0204-P006C01 1-2351052-5
Package Carrier Assembly – E1B  WNMEC00-0NNK2-EH AZIF0240-P003C01 1-2351052-2


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