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Random Rebooting Issue on Intel® Server Board S2600STBR with Power Supply Predictive Failures Events


Troubleshooting steps for predictive failures on System Information logs from Intel® Server Boards.


Server is randomly rebooting with 'Power supply input has been lost followed' by full redundancy has been lost events from System Information (SysInfo) logs

The following events are captured from SysInfo:

Warning and critical event for Voltage BB +12.0V
CRITICAL event: BB +12.0V reports the sensor is high, critical, and going higher state. Sensor reading: Unspecified. Threshold value: 13.529 Volts.
Reporting SmaRT-CLST Stat informational events followed by PS2 predictive failure
The SmaRT-CLST events are seen from 6/18 up to 12/06 and some of the SmaRT-CLST is being followed by Voltage BB +12.0V informational events

  1. Test the server without Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and observe if it will still encounter the rebooting issue.
  2. Ensure all cables are connected properly
  3. Check the connections of the fans and hard disk drives (HDDs)
  4. If the same rebooting issue without using the UPS still occurs, extract the latest sysinfo logs from the server and contact support.

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