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Why Was My Intel® Partner Alliance Registration Rejected?


List of reasons a membership application may be rejected and steps for re-validation.


Applied to the Intel Partner Alliance membership but registration was rejected.

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If your enrollment has been rejected, you will receive an email that explains the reason for the rejection.

These can include:

  1. Invalid Domain
    Re-register with a valid individually assigned work email address.

    Public domain email addresses such as,,, and others are not applicable for invitation and registration in Intel® Partner Alliance.

  2. Non Functional Website
    Re-register providing a functional website where business offerings can be verified. If you do not have a working website, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following information:
    • Company Name
    • First/Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Contact Country
    • Business License
  3. Company Information Cannot be Verified
    Re-register using a valid company address (headquarter address) that can be verified. Residential and unverifiable addresses are not accepted.
  4. Does Not Meet Requirements
    Each Program role and membership level has specific requirements which must be satisfied to be eligible for the program. Intel may modify the requirements for eligibility at its sole discretion. Visit About Membership in the Intel® Partner Alliance for the latest role and membership level requirements.

    Ensure the role you are registering for matches the product(s) you are offering as verified by your website.

  5. Group Email Addresses
    To enroll in the Intel® Partner Alliance program, users must provide a unique, company-specific email domain.

    Generic, or "group" emails (such as,,, are no longer supported, and you must register with a valid individual business email address - (such as

    Disposable email domains, while convenient, can unfortunately be leveraged for misuse, which can lead to potential issues such as impersonation and spam. To maintain the security and integrity of the Intel Partner Alliance, we no longer allow their use for program members.

If the reason for rejection was not specified, or for any other issues or concerns, contact Intel Customer Support and provide the following information for further assistance:

  • Screenshot of the page or error, including the URL
  • Troubleshooting performed
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