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Installation Issues For the Latest Killer™ Drivers for Intel® Killer™ Ethernet Adapters


Intel® Killer™ Ethernet E2600 2.5 Gbps Intel® Killer E3000 2.5 Gbps

Windows 11* Family, Windows® 10 family


Steps to solve issues when installing Intel Intel® Killer™ Ethernet Adapter drivers and workarounds when performing Intel® Killer™ Performance Suite installation.


Experiencing issues when installing the driver version 1125.002.0909.2021 on Windows 11 and unable to Install the Intel® Killer™ Performance Suite from Microsoft store.


steps to Install Intel® Killer™ Performance Suite:

  1. Visit the Download Center to get the latest  Intel Killer Performance Suite version
  2. Run the .exe file as Administrator
  3. Accept the terms & conditions
  4. Select the Custom setup type
  5. Go to hardware drivers and click on the '+' sign
  6. Select the E3100 drivers
  7. Click This feature will not be available
  8. Click Next
  9. Complete the installation
  10. Get the Intel® Killer™ Intelligence Center from the Microsoft store
  11. Install the Intel Killer Intelligence Center
  12. Reboot the machine

Steps to install the Wireless driver:

  1. Perform a Clean Installation of your Wireless Drivers
  2. Reboot machine
  3. Verify installation was successful on the device manager
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