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How to Join the Intel® Partner Alliance Program


Requirements and steps to become a reseller of Intel® products and solutions



  • How to register for the Intel® Partner Alliance program
  • How to become an Intel® Authorized Reseller
  • How to become Intel System Manufacturer in Intel® Partner Alliance program
  • How to validate the registration status
  • Unable to sign up for the Intel Partner Alliance program
  • Encountered error: An error has been encountered. Functionality may not work correctly. Please reload the browser and try again. If the issue persists, please contact support. when accessing the dashboard
  • Interested to join two existing Intel® Partner Alliance business accounts
  • Unable to proceed with verifying email address because the Next: verify is grayed-out
  • Encountered the Account Required page even if registration has been completed
  • Intel Partner Alliance registration was rejected due to invalid website/email domain
  • Cannot access Intel Partner Portal on the day of successful registration.


  • Must have a valid business website reflecting the Company information used in the registration form.
  • Unique Company domain email address must be used (such as, "", "

For current Intel® Partner Alliance Members, authenticate you and your company by signing into the Intel Azure Portal:

  1. Enter your email address, and you will receive an email with a passcode.
  2. Accept the terms & conditions.
  3. Click Next on the More information required screen.
  4. Choose an MFA method. You should see the Microsoft Authenticator* app screen that you can download following the instruction onscreen.
  5. If you want to use a different MFA method, such as your phone, click the I want to set up a different method link at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select Phone from the dropdown menu.
  7. Add your phone number, then click Next to text a code to your phone.
  8. Enter the code from your phone, then click Verify.
  9. You see that your phone has been successfully registered, then click Next.
  10. Click Intel® Terms of Use to read the terms and conditions.
  11. Once you’ve finished reading, click Accept to successfully log into Intel® Partner Alliance with the new security process.

If your company uses Microsoft Azure* for single sign-on authentication and you log in on your computer, you will not be prompted to enter a password. If you are not logging in with your company computer, you will need to enter your company Windows* password.

For new Intel® Partner Alliance Members, use the following steps:

  1. Click Join Now.
  2. Enter your company email address, then click Create an Account.
  3. On the Create an Account screen, fill out all fields then create a password with the password requirements.
  4. Click Next: Verify your email to receive a verification code.
  5. Enter the code into the Verification Code field, then click Create an account to receive a welcome email.
  6. On the Intel® Partner Alliance Enrollment Form, enter your company’s information, then click Find My Company.
  7. On the Select Your Company’s Account screen, select your existing business Account.
  8. If you do not see your company listed, click the Create new company account link at the bottom of the screen. Fill out your company’s information, then click Next: Terms and Conditions.
  9. Read the Intel® Partner Alliance Terms and Conditions, then click I Accept.
  10. On the Verification screen, review your company information to make sure it is correct, then click Submit. You will see a message confirming your Intel® Partner Alliance membership submission.

Applications submitted will be reviewed for approval in three business days. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a membership email. Within two to three business days, access and entitlements are provided, enabling full use of the program's benefits.


Once you have an Intel® Partner Alliance account, you will follow the Current Intel® Partner Alliance Member steps above for the first time you log into Intel® Partner Alliance with the new security process—all subsequent logins to Intel® Partner Alliance will not require these steps

For further assistance regarding registration, contact Intel Customer Support.

Additional information
  • All new account registrations require acceptance of the Intel Partner Alliance terms and conditions. These must be accepted within 45 days of the initial registration. If not accepted within 45 days, the registration will be deactivated and you must re-register to begin the process again.
  • An email address with a company domain can only be associated with one Intel Partner Alliance business account. To join another account, a different email address with the accepted account company domain must be utilized for registration.
  • Account Required page is usually encountered when contact entitlements are still taking time to be granted on the account.