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Do I Need To Install Intel® Graphics Control Panel on Windows 8*/8.1* or Older Operating Systems?


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Describes how the Intel® Graphics Control Panel is installed on older versions of Windows*.


Should I install the Intel Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft Store if I'm on an older operating system?


There is no need to manually install the Intel® Graphics Control Panel on systems on Windows 8*/8.1* or older.  The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is automatically installed with the Intel Graphics driver for these operating systems. This includes 15.45 and older graphics drivers.

No action is necessary to install and use the Intel Graphics Control Panel.



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What if I'm using a newer version of Windows*?

The Intel Graphics Control Panel has now been replaced by the Intel® Graphics Command Center for systems with 6th Generation Intel® processors or newer. The Intel Graphics Command Center has the latest features and capabilities and will continue to be the user interface for future improvements.  For instructions to install the Intel Graphics Command Center, see How to Install the Intel® Graphics Command Center

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