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What Warranty Return Services Are Offered by Intel?


General guidelines for Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) and Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR) requests

  • What is the difference between Standard and Advanced Warranty Replacement?
  • Am I eligible for Advanced Warranty Replacement?
  • I am unable to request Advanced Warranty Replacement

Intel offers two warranty return service options, depending on your eligibility. You are not required to register your Intel® product for warranty services.

Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) - A standard warranty return service available to all Intel customers.

  • Replacement or refund occurs after defective product is received and validated by Intel.

Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR) - A premium warranty return service is available to Intel® Authorized Distributors, as well as qualifying Titanium and Gold Intel® Partner Alliance partners who purchase genuine Intel® products sold through Intel® Authorized Distributors or resellers in their region.

  • Replacement occurs before defective product is returned to Intel. Customer has 30 days to return the defective product to Intel for validation and confirmation of receipt.


General guidelines for SWR and AWR warranty requests

For warranty requests within 30 days of the initial date of purchase, contact your place of purchase (POP) for support.

  • Often there are consumer protection policies that allow consumers to seek support directly from the reseller. These vary by country. Ask your reseller prior to purchasing about their terms and support.
    • Consumers in China have consumer protection by regulation that allows the following:
      • For consumers who purchased via a direct/physical store: You may come directly to Intel on day 1 of purchase for product support.
      • For consumers who purchased via the internet: During the first 7 days from purchase, you can go back to the place of purchase for support. On day 8 from purchase date, you may come to Intel directly for product support.
  • If it has been more than 30 days since purchase, contact Intel Customer Support for assistance with warranty claims. You may also contact Intel if it's within 30 days and your place of purchase is unwilling or unable to provide support.


Important terms and conditions to consider when requesting warranty by Intel

  1. Check your warranty coverage.
    • NOTE: Intel products sold as part of a computer system are covered by the system manufacturer, and not by Intel.
    • Contact your system manufacturer or place of purchase for information about your warranty options.
  2. Be prepared! Review the important steps in What Information Do I Need to Provide When Requesting a Warranty Return?.
  3. Upon warranty approval, a return materials authorization (RMA) is provided via email as a reference number that must be clearly labeled on all returned packages.
    • If multiple RMA numbers are issued, each return must reference the RMA number assigned to the product
  4. After receiving return material authorization (RMA) and documents from Intel Customer Support, the recipient must start the return process with the shipping company (DHL, UPS, FedEx, or other) within 30 days
    • If 30 days lapse on an SWR:
    • If 30 days lapse on an AWR for the return of a defective item:
      • Possible suspension of AWR benefits on the account until the issue is resolved. You will be notified in writing by Intel Customer Support of the benefit suspension and block.
  5. Only ship items and quantity that are specified in the RMA documents.
    • Additional items returned will not be received.
  6. Maximum allowable number of units for open warranty items varies upon warranty type (SWR/AWR), and account Role and Tier of Intel® Partner Alliance members.
    • Log in to your Intel® Partner Alliance account for the details of your eligibility, status of open orders, and account usage.
  7. The use of any shipping courier other than the one provided by Intel’s pre-paid e-label service will be at the customer’s expense and will not be reimbursed by Intel
    • Intel is not responsible or liable for product damaged, lost, or stolen in transit, and before receipt at Intel’s warehouse.
    • If you elect to use a shipping courier other than the one provided by Intel, we strongly recommend you use a traceable courier service and make note of the tracking number so you can track your shipment if necessary.
Additional information

If you're interested in becoming an Intel® Partner Alliance Program member, learn more at About Membership.

Intel Customer Support processes Intel® Platform Collaboration and Systems Division High-Performance Compute Block system warranties. Be sure to provide the system product code to the support agent.

Review warranty terms and conditions. Select your specific product for details of coverage.

Additional disclaimer

Intel® does not honor warranty requests for used, gray-market, second-hand, gifted, or products purchased from other than our authorized distributors or resellers.

  • It is the buyer's responsibility to verify the authenticity of the reseller and the documentation provided by them.

At any time, Intel reserves the right to:

  • Add to or change the AWR terms and conditions
  • Deny AWR support for any request that does not meet the AWR requirements
  • Discontinue the AWR program once notice is provided to AWR program participants

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