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This page lists all versions of software and drivers for currently supported Intel® Killer products.


To update the Wi-Fi driver for your generic Intel® Wireless Adapter use the following link.

To update drivers and software on your system with Intel Killer products:


  • Select your package version to download and manually install.
Package Version1 Driver Version Supported Adapters
3.1121.1048 2
(Latest) Intel® Killer™ 1550, AX1650, AX1675 (Win 11) (Win 10)
Intel® Killer™ E3100
1168.002.0909.2021 (Win 11)
10.050.0511.2021 (Win 10)
Intel® Killer™ E2500, E2600
1125.002.0909.2021 (Win 11)
10.050.0511.2021 (Win 10)
Intel® Killer™ E3000, E3100G
3.1121.1019.2 Intel® Killer Networking Software
3.1121.936 2 Intel® Killer™ 1550, AX1650, AX1675 Intel® Killer™ E3100
10.050.0511.2021 Intel® Killer™ E3000, E3100G, E2500, E2600
3.1121.927.5 Intel® Killer Networking Software

1Supports only 64-bit of the OS.
2Added support for Windows 11


Some drivers from this package may not have been updated and are the same as in the previous package. You need to install this package in order to update any version of the drive mentioned above.


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