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Can I Migrate or Clone my Intel® Optane™ Memory or Intel® Optane™ Memory H Series Volume to Another Drive?


Intel® Optane™ Memory Volume (Intel Optane Memory Device + Drive being Accelerated) - Contains Data New drive - Data to be copied to Note: The Intel® Optane™ Memory Volume may be using the Intel® Optane™ Memory M Series for the H Series

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Process steps to migrate data from an Intel® Optane™ memory volume to another drive


Since an Intel® Optane™ memory volume is made up of two drives, what is the proper way to move the data if it needs to be migrated to another disk?


Direct data migration from a current Intel® Optane™ memory volume is not recommended.

Before proceeding do the following:

  1. Back up all data. Intel is not responsible or liable for data loss or data recovery.
  2. Disable the Intel® Optane™ memory volume.
  3. Use your preferred third-party cloning or migration software to copy the data from one drive to another.
    • Data should be copied from the drive being accelerated to the new drive being accelerated and not the Intel® Optane™ Memory
  4. After migration is complete, re-enable the Intel® Optane™ memory volume.
Additional information
NoteUse of adapters are not supported and could also disrupt the cloning process.