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Which Dongles Are Supported on Three-Display Configurations?


Provides information about active and passive dongles when using three displays or monitors.


Unable to validate if an active or passive dongle is supported when using three displays.


Passive dongle support
Three-display configurations support passive dongles so long as the system manufacturer has programmed the BIOS to support dual-mode interoperability.

  • DisplayPort > HDMI
  • DisplayPort > DVI
  • DisplayPort > VGA
NoteSee display combinations for valid passive dongle configurations based on the connected display.

Active dongle support
We have validated DisplayPort > VGA active dongles only at this time.

NoteSee display combinations for valid active dongle configurations based on the active dongle type. For example, if you are using DisplayPort > HDMI dongle, DisplayPort is the source and HDMI is the end interface.

Maximum resolution supported when using dongles
For active dongles, the maximum resolution depends on the dongle capability and monitor capability. For passive dongles, maximum resolution depends on monitor capability. See your monitor's manufacturer documents for details.

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