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How to Update BIOS through Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)


How to update the BIOS, FRU, SDR, ME, and firmware remotely through Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)


Latest firmware update required


Follow the steps below inside the host operating system:

  1. Launch Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) web console.
  2. Navigate to the BIOS configuration tab (BMC firmware needs to be the latest to have the BIOS configuration tab visible).
  3. Check the current BIOS version for the board model.
  4. Download the latest firmware update package from download center for your board model (along with stepping BIOS version if required).
  5. Under the "Configuration >> BIOS/ME Firmware Update" section: 
    • Select and upload the image type for the BIOS firmware; e.g.: "R02010014_Production_ACM_TXT_BOOT.signed.cap"
    • Select the option backup region while updating backup BIOS, The default primary BIOS will be updated.
    • Select and upload the image type for the ME image; e.g.: "R02010014_Production_ACM_TXT_ME.signed.cap"
    • Select and upload the image type for the FD image; e.g "R02010014_Production_ACM_TXT_FD.signed.cap"
  6. After the three images are uploaded (BIOS, ME, and FD), reboot the server to check the BIOS version that has been updated.
    • BIOS image: OOB update BIOS. 
    • ME image: OOB update ME firmware.
    • FD image: OOB update flash descriptor.
  7. After the system is restarted and the upgrade is done, the following messages should be present on the BMC >> Event Log section
    • example image

For an additional references and images, refer to the BMC user guide.

Additional information

Another method to update BIOS is through EFI shell (OS independent).

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