Video on Intel® SSD Firmware Update and Health Monitoring Using Intel® Memory And Storage Tool (Intel® MAS)


Maintenance & Performance



Video demonstration of Intel® SSD firmware update and health monitoring using Intel® Memory And Storage Tool (Intel® MAS):


:05 Intro to Intel® MAS 4:56 Saving Health Check
1:39 Command Line Interface 5:15 Saving the NLog
1:48 SATA SSD Firmware Check 5:55 Graphical User Interface
2:18 SATA SSD Firmware Update 6:02 NVME SSD Update
3:00 SATA SSD Smart Health 6:30 NVME SMART Health
3:40 Saving the SMART Log 6:46 Exporting SMART Log
4:03 NVME Firmware Check 7:03 SATA SSD Update
4:17 NVME Firmware Update 7:16 SSD SMART Health
4:48 NVME Health Check 7:30 Exporting SMART Log


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