How to Update Firmware on Intel® SSDs with the Intel® Firmware Update Tool


Maintenance & Performance



This video demonstrates how to update the firmware (FW) on your Intel® SSD with the Intel® Firmware Update Tool.


  • No dependency on operating system (OS), supported on all x86/x64 processor based platforms.
  • Packaged as an ISO that that can be used to create a bootable USB drive for FW update.
  • Useful for operating systems not supported by other Intel® SSD management tools and drives that will no longer boot to the OS due to possible issues.



:05 Intro to Intel® FUT 1:50 Setting up the ISO Burning Software
:30 What You Will Need 2:39 Setting Boot Priority in the BIOS
:47 How to Download the Software 2:58 Running the Intel® Firmware Update Tool



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