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Installation Problems of Windows® 10 Wi-Fi Drivers Version 21.110 or 21.120.1 Using Exe Installation Package and Fix


Package Driver version 21.110.1 Package Driver version 21.120.0

Windows® 10 family


Steps to fix the issue during the installation of the driver package.


Issues during the driver package installation:

The following issues have been reported for installation of Wi-Fi driver version 21.110 or 21.120.1 of the end user package:

While running the .exe file, the instalation takes too long and the wizard never appears.
While using the Intel® Driver and Support Assistant, the installation fails and an error is displays.


Start by attempting to updating your drivers to the latest version available for your Wi-Fi adapter.

Install the drivers using the following method:

Step 1: Download and save the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for IT Admins package from Download Center:

If the driver file was contained in a .zip file, unzip the file to a designated location or folder.

Step 2: Uninstall the current Wi-Fi driver

  1. Go to Device Manager.
  2. Expand the Network Adapters category.
  3. Right-click your Intel Wireless Adapter and choose Uninstall.
  4. Select the option Delete the driver software for this device.
  5. Repeat steps A through D until the option to Delete the driver software for this device is greyed out or may show Microsoft Windows® instead.

Windows* may have an inbox Wi-Fi driver that came preinstalled on your system. These types of drivers can't be uninstalled (you won't see the "Delete the driver software for this device" option). Proceed to the next step if you start seeing the same version of the driver installed automatically after performing the uninstall process. The video in the link below provides additional details on inbox drivers:

Step 3: Manual Driver installation.

  1. Locate the driver you downloaded back in Step 1.
  2. Go to Device manager.
  3. Click Update Driver.
  4. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  5. Click Browse.
  6. Search for the unzipped file downloaded for the driver.
  7. Select and Click Next, and Windows® should install the driver.

If using Intel® Driver and Support Assistance after the installation is done Go and Click on Refresh results to check if the installation was successfully completed.


The update package indicates the installation driver package and the driver version refers to the actual driver for each wireless adapter. For instance, driver package version includes the following:

  • for AX201/AX200/9560/9260/9462/9461 (Only available in the 64-bit version)
  • for 8265/8260 (Only available in the 64-bit version)
  • for 7265(Rev. D)/3165/3168