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Error Code 0xA0070002 or 0xA0040002 - Incompatible Drive Type with Intel® Optane™ Memory


Description of Error Codes 0xA0070002 and 0xA0040002 and how to resolve the issues


One of the following Error Codes was received when managing an Intel® Optane™ memory device: 0xA0070002, 0xA0040002.


The drive to be accelerated isn’t compatible with Intel Optane memory or the drive may be configured as an incompatible drive type.


Steps to resolve:

NoteBack up all data/files before proceeding with the steps below.


Drives that have been configured as the 'Dynamic' type are not supported for acceleration, these should be 'Basic' type.

Step 1: Confirm the drive type of the drive to be accelerated.

  • Press “Windows Key + x” and select Disk Management.
  • Confirm the listing for the drive to be accelerated under the Type column is Basic.

Step 2: If the drive is configured as the Dynamic type, this will need to be reconfigured as Basic to support Intel Optane Memory.  The OS can be reinstalled or the use of a third-party tool may be able to make this conversion without installation


If the error persists or any additional help is needed, contact support under Memory and Storage.


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