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Find and Compare Intel® SSDs on Product Specifications Page (ARK)


Steps to find and compare Intel® SSD specifications on product specification page (ARK)


Need to find and compare Intel® SSD product specifications.


You may need to find or compare specifications when you're looking to buy a new Intel® SSD or build a brand-new system using an Intel® drive. You can use the product specifications page (ARK), a database that includes all Intel® SSDs available.

To find SSD specifications, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the product specifications (ARK) page.
  2. Click Memory and Storage to see all SSD families.
  3. Select the desired SSD from the available families.

    Select the desired SSD

To compare different SSDs, complete these additional steps:

  1. Check the box Add to Compare.
    Add to compare
  2. Select the other SSD following the same steps. You can add multiple SSDs this way, up to eight.
  3. View the comparison list by clicking the blue Compare box that should show the numbers of the SSDs to be compared.
  4. To clear the comparison, simply close the Compare box, or click Clear queue in the comparison page.
  5. You can also export the list of comparison by clicking Export Comparison, which saves the information into a spreadsheet.
    Export comparison