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Tips for Random System Freezing Issue


Provides useful tips to try with random system freezing issue.


Random system freezing occurs on systems with Intel Processors


For system build with Intel® Boxed Processors, these are the possible causes, along with tips to try:-

  • Overheating:  When overheating, the CPU’s temp control circuit will attempt to throttle the CPU’s clock (stop/go/stop/go) to try and cool the CPU. That condition is called PROHOT. If the CPU continues to heat further, then the temperature control circuit (TCC) will halt the CPU completely, a full stop to prevent damage. That’s called THERMTRIP and is an unrecoverable condition requiring a hard reboot (AC unplug, reboot).
  • Power Fault: Power fault, lower than necessary total power supply (for example, a 450W power supply for a system with 550W of desired power). It is common to see a hang here when loading an application that causes a power spike. Some low-cost power supplies, even if rated for enough power, often do not have robust enough power components to handle a large/instant power increase.
  • Memory Issues: Either bad devices, DIMM improperly seated, DIMM edge connector, or size. 
    • Make sure the memory is seated well.
    • Try a different memory.
    • Try to have a sufficient amount of memory in your build system.
  • Motherboard issues: If possible,  swap with a good working motherboard.
    • Try to update the system BIOS to the latest version, or reset BIOS to defaults, You can also try to clear CMOS.
  • Maximum Utilization:
    • Examine the Task Manager to see if anything is being used at continuous 100% capacity.
    • Use the Windows* search bar on your system and type Task Manager
    • Click More details.
    • Under Processes, watch usage by CPU, memory, Disk, network, or GPU.  
    • Close the application that is causing high usage, and see if the issue goes away.

For laptops, All-In-Ones, or notebooks, refer to your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Other reasons could be:

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