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How to Fix High Processor Usage


Steps to fix processor spiking to high usage


Some of these issues can be due to CPU high usage:

  • A game stutters or crashes.
  • Open applications stop reacting to new inputs.
  • Programs /Applications open or load very slowly.
  • Processor spikes to 100% utilization.

Refer to How to Fix High CPU Usage for details on how to perform troubleshooting.

  • Reboot.
  • End or Restart Processes using Task Manager.
  • Update drivers.
  • Scan for malware.
  • Check Power Options.
  • Find specific guidance online.
  • Reinstall Windows*.

Other programs besides Task Manager that can check for CPU usage are listed below:

  • CPU-Z*: For general information about your CPU and motherboard.
  • Process Monitor*: Logs, not just CPU usage, but also registry, file system, and network activity. Check network activity using this tool if you suspect that a process could be malware.
  • Performance Monitor*: A built-in Windows* tool that gives a more detailed view of a process’s CPU usage over time. To open it, use the Windows Key + R, then type perfmon Performance Monitor has too many advanced features to describe here, but in short, it makes it easy to break CPU usage into multiple categories per process and track it over time for advanced troubleshooting.

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