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A Drive Slot of the Backplane Does Not Respond (no Drive Detection in It)


Intel® Server Systems


Server-oriented troubleshooting steps on what to do when a drive is not detected by the system


Drive not detected or there is no Light-Emitting Diode (LED) drive activity on it


The following steps will help isolate the issue:

  1. Verify that the drives are compatible with the system.
  2. Make sure the drive is properly attached to the port (Refer to the Technical Product Specifications document of the board in question for the board layout details).
  3. Check if there is anything between the backplane and drive connection.
  4. Verify that proper cabling is attached from the backplane on the other end.
  5. Check if the drive is detected within the Basic Input Output System (BIOS). It is probably not detected in the operating system (OS) and needs a driver.
  6. Test with another known good drive.
  7. Try the other ports to isolate the issue and make sure it is one port and not the backplane.

    If the drive is detected but there is no LED activity, there is probably an issue with the light pipes integrated in the drive carrier.

  8. If the issue persists after these steps, contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance.