How to Clear the “System Event Log” from the BIOS on an Intel® Server Board


Maintenance & Performance



Clearing the event log from within the board Set-up Utility is sometimes necessary when the system is non-functional or the log is full.

Important: To save the current SEL log, before clearing it, in the event it is needed for future review, one can save it [refer to the Server Health->Event Log->Save Event Log section of the Intel(R) Integrated BMC Web Console; for more information, refer to How to Extract and Read the System Event Log (SEL) for Intel® Server Boards] or, alternatively, the Saving the SEL Viewer records to a File section of the Intel System Event Log (SEL) Viewer Utility User Guide.


  1. Reboot the server into the BIOS by pressing <F2> during the boot process.  If needed, refer to your board BIOS Setup Utility User Guide.
  2. Once there, proceed as follows:
    1. Enable the Clear System Event Log (SEL) option, which is located in the Server Management menu.


      Should loading the BIOS default settings be a recommended, extra step, based on the particular scenario being troubleshot, this is done by simply hitting the F9 key; however, after this is done, it is suggested to reset any customized BIOS setting(s) before moving forward with the next step.

    2. Finally, press <F10> to save the changes and reboot the system.
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