Partial Serial Number for Intel® Desktop Boxed Processors


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The partial serial number (partial ATPO) contains the last three to five digits from the full serial number for the processor, It is printed in human readable format on the outside edges of processor. The partial serial number is located on the outside edge of the processor.

Here is an example on the location of the partial serial number (partial ATPO):

Partial serial number

To determine the eligibility of a warranty exchange or return for an Intel® Boxed Processor, you need to have two numbers:

  • The batch number (FPO - Finished Process Order)
  • The full or partial serial number (ATPO - Assembly Test Process Order)

You can use the partial serial number (partial ATPO) along with the batch number (FPO) to check the warranty status of your Intel® Boxed Processors.

For example:
  • The batch number in the above example is L825D011 (located on the top of the processors)
  • The partial serial number is 00732 (located on the outside edge of the processors)

Go to the warranty Info center, choose Processor under product Type, enter L825D011 in the FPO filed and 00732 in the serial number (ATPO) field. Click Check products to see the Estimated Warranty Expiration date.

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