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To determine the eligibility of a warranty exchange or return for an Intel® Boxed Processor, you need to have the serial numbers for:

  • Finished Process Order (FPO): Also referred to as Batch#
  • Assembly Test Process Order (ATPO): Also referred to as S/N#

The ATPO and the FPO numbers are listed on the shipping box for the Intel® Boxed Processor.   

If you don't have the full ATPO, you can use the partial or visible ATPO. The visible characters of the ATPO are located on the side of the processor.
This is an example on where to locate the FPO and the partial or visible ATPO on the processor. 

Visible characters of ATPO

The visible characters of the ATPO are the last four to five characters of the full ATPO number. The exact number of visible ATPO characters varies from one processor to another. For example, if a full ATPO is M5248TF502100, then the visible ATPO could be 02100 or 2100. In the image above, you can see the visible ATPO is 08200.

Use the Online Service Center to enter the FPO and the partial ATPO to check processors warranty. 

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