How to Apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for Intel® Xeon® Processors that Support the LGA3647 Socket


Maintenance & Performance



What does thermal interface material (TIM) do?

Thermal interface material (TIM) provides efficient thermal exchange between the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) of the processor and the fan heatsink. Proper installation of the TIM is crucial to the success of the processor and integration process for the fan heatsink.

What else should I do when I reinstall the processor or fan heatsink?

Replacing the TIM is critical to the successful operation of processors using the LGA3647 socket:

  • Proper application of the TIM is crucial to the success of the thermal solution.
  • Failure to apply TIM can cause the processor to shut down or operate inefficiently.
  • Failure to properly install TIM can cause the processor to overheat.


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