How to Install an Intel® Xeon® Processor into an LGA3647 Socket


Install & Setup



Watch the video tutorial below for information on how to install an Intel® Xeon® Processor into a server system with an LGA3647 Socket:

Components needed for installation: 

  • Processor(s) (Note: A Fabric version of the processor has the interface Intel® Omni-Path Connector.)
  • Processor carrier clip(s) (Note: If using a Fabric processor, see the Carrier Kit's clip information below. For non-Fabric processors, the carrier clip comes with the motherboard.)
  • Heatsink(s) with thermal interface material (TIM)
  • T-30 Torx screwdriver or drill with a T-30 Torx bit (Note: Securely tighten (12 in-lb) each fastener in the sequence shown on the heatsink's label.)
  • If installing a Fabric processor, the Intel Host Fabric Interface Carrier Kit (Intel Part Number AHWBPFABKIT). This kit includes:
    • A processor clip
    • A carrier card
    • An IFT cable
    • A sideband cable
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