Error Codes and Messages While Using Intel® Optane™ Memory System Acceleration


Error Messages



Errors may occur while using the Intel® Optane™ memory-related features and capabilities in supporting applications. Locate the error code or message that has been encountered in the tables below for links to resources to help resolve issues encountered

If you’ve encountered an error not listed below or need further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.

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No Error Code Listed, only an Error Message or Miscellaneous Codes

Message similar to "SATA SSHD on Controller 0, Port 2: At risk (SMART event)"

Intel® Optane™ Memory Pinning Error: Unable to load DLL ‘iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll'

On some systems this may also be presented as error code 0x8007007E

No Compatible Disk for Intel® Optane™ Memory or

There are no valid disk pairs in your system or

There are too many volumes in your system or

Your system appears to be Intel® Optane™ memory ready, but no Intel® Optane™ memory modules were detected in your computer.

Error Enabling Intel® Optane™ Memory
Unsupported System BIOS or System BIOS is set in Legacy Mode.
Contact your BIOS vendor for the latest version and support.

An unknown error has caused Intel® Optane™ Memory and Storage Management’s pinning service to be unavailable.

Error Occurred
The Intel® Optane™ Memory application ran into a problem migrating files. Open Windows Event Viewer for details.

Visit the Intel® Optane™ Memory support page for help.
Your system drive is starting to degrade. Disable Intel® Optane™ Memory to avoid data loss.

Visit the Intel® Optane™ Memory support page for help.


Error Codes starting with 0xA000000x, 0xA001xxxx

0xA0000001 0xA0000002 0xA0000008 0xA001004B 0xA001004C 0xA001004E 0xA0010050 0xA0010053
0xA0010054 0xA0010055 0xA0010059 0xA001005D 0xA0010063 0xA0010064  


Error Codes starting with 0xA004000x, 0xA005xxxx

0xA0040002 0xA0040008 0xA005004B 0xA005004E 0xA0050055


 Error Codes starting with 0xA007xxxx

0xA0070000 0xA0070001 0xA0070002 0xA0070003 0xA0070004 0xA0070008 0xA007000A 0xA007000B
0xA007000D 0xA007000F 0xA0070011 0xA0070015 0xA0070019 0xA007001E 0xA0070020
0xA0070021 0xA0070025 0xA0070026 0xA0070027 0xA0070031    


Error Codes starting with 0xA008xxxx

0xA0080000 0xA0080001 0xA0080003 0xA0080005 0xA0080006 0xA0080007 0xA0080008
0xA008000C 0xA008001E 0xA008001F 0xA0080029 0xA008002A 0xA008002B 0xA008002C
0xA008002D 0xA008002E          


Error Codes starting with 0xA009xxxx

0xA0090007 0xA00906B3


Error Codes starting with 0xA00Axxxx

0xA00A0000 0xA00A0001 0xA00A0002 0xA00A0003 0xA00A0029 0xA00A002A 0xA00A002B
0xA00A002C 0xA00A002F 0xA00A0030 0xA00A0031 0xA00A0032 0xA00A0035  



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