Options to Identify Your Boxed Intel® Processor in China


Identify My Product



We recommend using WeChat* to identify your processor:

  1. Follow our official support account on WeChat. Search for IntelCustomerSupport, or scan this 2D matrix:
    2D matrix
  2. Click Customer Support in the self-service menu.
  3. Click processor on the Customer Support menu page.
  4. Enter the serial number in the input box and click Manual verification or click Continue scan to scan the processor Bar code.
Note WeChat China boxed processor identification is applicable for China customers only. To claim warranty for China Boxed Processor, contact Intel Customer Support in China.

If you do not have an Intel account, please register your account Click Register for Basic Intel® Account.


The other option to identify your processor:

  • Contact Intel Customer Support and provide your Retail Box Serial Number or ULT number. An agent can help you with processor identification.
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