Where Can I Find Intel® Boxed Processors and Fan Part Numbers?

Last Reviewed: 26-Jun-2017
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Intel® Boxed Processor FPO and ATPO serial numbers

Finished Process Order (FPO) and Assembly Test Process Order (ATPO) serial numbers determine if your processor is eligible for a warranty exchange or return.

All Intel® Boxed Processors have the numbers inscribed on the top of the processor package. 

Note To find the FPO and ATPO, enter your desktop or server processor number in the box below.

As you enter your processor number, the socket associated with the processor appears in a drop-down list. Beneath each socket type is a list of processors. Select your processor, and a sample image appears to show you the location of your FPO and ATPO serial numbers.

Enter processor number:


Processor markings:

Sample processor image:


Now, return to the Warranty Center to submit a claim.


Note Only upper-case letters are used in serial numbers.
If the numbers are not in the Warranty Center tool, double-check that the numbers and letters did not get confused.
We have found that 2's are seen as Z's, and 8's are seen as B's.


Here is an example of the markings on the processor:
Processor markings

Frequently asked questions about locating processor numbers

How do I find my processor number?

The easiest way to find your processor number is to use the Intel® Processor Identification Utility.

You can also use the Intel® System Support Utility.

I still can’t find my processor number.

We provide warranties for boxed processors only. Pre-installed processors don't have processor numbers.

How do I identify my Intel® China Boxed Processor?

See instructions on how to identify your Intel® China Boxed Processor.

How do I read the ATPO serial number for Intel® Boxed Processors?

The ATPO number on the box is listed under "S/N." For example: S/N: M5248TF502100 is the ATPO number.

Use the partial ATPO if you can't find the full one. Partial ATPO is the last four to five characters of the full number. For example: if a full ATPO is M5248TF502100, then the partial ATPO would be 02100. The partial ATPO number is on the side of the processor. The exact number of characters in the full ATPO varies from one processor to another.

If you don't have the box, see how to read ATPO serial numbers using third-party tools and devices.

How do I find Intel® Boxed Desktop Processor thermal solution markings?

The fan and manufacturer part numbers are on the labels on top of the fan. However, we use multiple manufacturers to supply boxed thermal solutions, so fan markings differ for each manufacturer. Select your fan manufacturer on the right-hand side of this page to view sample fan stickers.

  • Fan Part Number (Example: E41752-002) is the first number on the fan sticker.
  • Manufacturer Part Number (Example: DTC-DAA01) is usually the third line number on the fan sticker.
Note Both the fan part number and the manufacturer part number are required for warranty processing.
All boxed Intel® Processor thermal solutions have a three-year warranty. You can return the thermal solution without returning the processor.

Intel® Boxed Desktop Processor Manufacturer


Delta* fan follows the Manufacturer Part Number format DTC-XXXXX.

Delta Fan Thermal

Fujikura* fan follows the Manufacturer Part Number format FHP-XXXXX.

Fujikura Fan Thermal

Nidec* fan follows the Manufacturer Part Number format F09A-XXXXXX.

Nidec Fan Thermal

Foxconn* fan follows the Manufacturer Part Number format FNXXXXXX.

Foxconn Fan Thermal

Intel® Thermal Solution follows the Manufacture Part Number Format GXXXXX-XXX.

Intel Thermal Solution

Intel® Fan BTX follows the Manufacture Part Number Format HXXXXX-XXX.

Intel Fan BTX


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