Warranty Process Video for Intel® Processors


Warranty & RMA



Watch this video to learn about the Intel® warranty process for Intel® processors: 

  • What is covered under Intel® warranty
  • How to know if your processor is covered
  • How to get support
  • How to check warranty eligibility using our online tool



Time Topics
00:18  Difference between Intel® Boxed and Tray Processors 
01:08  Boxed Processors accessories and warranty coverage   
01:52  China Boxed Processor accessories and warranty coverage
03:05  Working with Intel® Technology Provider 
03:35  Warranty replacement for Intel® Thermal Solution
03:44  Warranty replacement for Intel® Boxed Processor 
04:28  Additional Information might be needed when requesting a warranty replacement 
04:45   How to check warranty eligibility for your processor using online tool 


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