Reset Intel® Management Engine Password





When using Intel® Endpoint Management Assistance (Intel® EMA) you have two options to set the Intel® AMT Management Engine (MEBX) in the following path.

Option 1

In the EMA server, log in as a tenant; go to endpoint groups, and on the drop-down arrow of the tenant group select the option view configuration.

Select the Intel® AMT auto-setup to see the Intel® MEBX password configuration that can be configured with:

  1. Do not set a random password:
    • This option can be used when the server is going to be in a testing environment so the password can be set manually in case of needing access to Intel® MEBX to review or change the configuration.
  2. Set a random password per endpoint

Option 2

You can unplug and pull the CMOS/RTC battery from the system and wait at least five minutes before replacing it. This will reset the computer back to a factory new state, allowing you to use the default password to access the Intel® Management Engine and Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). You will need to re-provision the client after doing this.


You may need to check with your vendor. Depending on OEM and BIOS version, you may need to disable and re-enable Intel® AMT Management Engine (MEBX) to reset the password to factory default. If your PKI DNS Suffix is set for Admin Control Mode (ACM) it will be deleted and it will need to be inputted again for ACM.