Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) API Sample Scripts



Collection of Powershell* and JavaScript* scripts demonstrating Intel® EMA APIs.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 11 Family*, Windows 10 Family*, Windows Server 2022 family*, Windows Server 2019 family*
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Detailed Description

This collection of PowerShell and JavaScript-based scripts demonstrates how to execute some administrative and endpoint management tasks using Intel EMA APIs. 

Examples of tasks demonstrated include adding a user, retrieving endpoint hardware information, setting endpoint power state, unprovisioning Intel AMT on an endpoint, and removing an endpoint from Intel EMA.

Review the readme files included in the zip file for complete details.

Note that there are many additional Intel EMA API JavaScript samples included in the main Intel EMA download package, available here:

Version 1.1: New PowerShell snippet that configures a new Intel EMA tenant for demonstration purposes.  New JavaScript sample that demonstrates a file transfer and WMI action.

Version 1.1.1: Updated license and for compatibility with Intel EMA 1.5.0.

Version 1.2: New PowerShell snippet that creates an Intune .intunewin package containing the Intel EMA agent.  New PowerShell snippet that demonstrates restore of a single server Intel EMA instance with an existing remote database.

Version 1.3: New PowerShell snippet retrieves endpoint details to a CSV file.  New Javascript standalone samples for testing API authentication methods and to stop managing duplicate/stale endpoints.

Version 1.4: New PowerShell example scripts demonstrate the new AMT Setup adoption API available in Intel EMA 1.8.0.

Version 1.5: New snippets demonstrate use of SMBIOS and WMI to determine whether a local system has Intel AMT or Intel Standard Manageability and may be ready to be provisioned by Intel EMA.

Version 1.6: New Javascript standalone sample demonstrating auditEvents API.  New PowerShell example script demonstrates getting extended configuration details for an endpoint.

Version 1.7: Updates to support Intel EMA 1.10 changes to APIs used to generate Client Credentials.

Version 1.8: New snippets demonstrating parallel API calls, troubleshooting of endpoint agent and CIRA connectivity. Updates to Intel AMT unprovision example script and EMA server restore snippet.

Version 1.9:  New PowerShell example script demonstrating removal of duplicate endpoints using EMA's APIs. New PowerShell snippet demonstrating an automated check for a newer version of Intel EMA.