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100 & Newer Drivers

The Intel® Graphics Driver version schema used in Download Center has changed to provide better scaling and support for our driver build process, and at the same time match the new driver naming convention used in Windows*. This schema is as follows:

Intel Graphics Driver version schema

To determine if you have the latest drivers installed, always compare the entire build number (seven digits) of the driver installed on your computer with the entire build number (seven digits) of the latest driver available for download. 
The seven digit build number is created by combining the numbers from the last two sections. For example, the build number for is 1012031. The build number for is 1009466.  Comparing these two numbers shows that 101.2031 is a more recent driver than 100.9466.


If you see the number 20 instead of 0 in the second field of the driver number, this means that the highest supported DirectX* version is 12.1. This also signifies the driver is using a previous Microsoft naming convention for WDDM 2.7 and lower, as noted in the identifier table below.

This field is set to 0 with the driver naming convention introduced by Microsoft with Windows® 10 May 2021 Update (21H2) and later. This is so it can be used for other purposes in the future.

The following table provides details on the first identifier that makes the current driver schema:

Identifier Operating System (WDDM version)
31 Windows 11* - WDDM 3.1
30 Windows 11* - WDDM 3.0
27 Windows® 10 May 2020 Update - WDDM 2.7
26 Windows® 10 May 2019 Update - WDDM 2.6
25 Windows® 10 October 2018 Update - WDDM 2.5
24 Windows® 10 April 2018 Update - WDDM 2.4
23 Windows® 10 Fall Creators Update - WDDM 2.3
22 Windows® 10 Creators Update - WDDM 2.2
21 Windows® 10 Anniversary Update - WDDM 2.1
20 Windows® 10 - WDDM 2.0
10 Windows 8.1* - WDDM 1.3
9 Windows 8* - WDDM 1.2
8 Windows 7* - WDDM 1.1


  • The identifiers above show the maximum WDDM version the driver is certified for but the actual WDDM version used is limited based on the specific OS installed. For example, Windows* 10 is limited to WDDM 2.7 and Windows* 11 is limited to WDDM 3.0 and newer.
  • Always check the driver's ReadMe text file or Release Notes for the latest platform and operating system compatibility details.
  • 10th Generation and older Intel Processor Graphics have moved to a legacy support model. For more information, see Graphics Driver Support Update for 10th Generation and Older Intel Processor Graphics.
  • Linux* version schema will follow 6000.0001.


15.45 & Older Drivers

Download Center also hosts older graphics drivers that use a naming schema to define driver versions that may not match 1-to-1 the operating system's own driver convention as detailed in the previous tables. These older drivers are also known as legacy drivers. The schema is as follows:

15.65 and Older Drivers

Driver Baseline: Differentiates different generic driver packages and is often assigned based on the supported platforms and operating systems.

Release Revision: Used internally during the driver development cycle.

Build number: Last four digits indicate the actual driver number.

The table below provides details on platform and operating system compatibility for these drivers.

Driver Baseline Platform compatibility Operating System

32-bit support

Operating System

64-bit support

15.45 6th Generation processors Windows 7* Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
15.40 5th Generation processors

Windows 8.1*

Windows 7*

Windows® 10
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
4th Generation processors Windows® 10 Windows® 10

Braswell platform

Windows® 10
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
Windows® 10
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
Cherry Trail platform
15.36 4th Generation processors Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
15.33 3rd Generation processors Windows® 10
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
Windows® 10
Windows 8.1*
Windows 7*
Bay Trail platform

The table below provides examples on how to map the graphics driver version shown in Windows* to the Intel driver release shown in Download Center. The 3rd field in the driver version reported by Windows* most closely maps to the baseline in the Intel release version. The following can be used to translate:

Release Version (Intel) Driver Version (Windows*) Mapping 15.33 -> 10   15.36 -> 14   15.40 -> 15   15.45 -> 16
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