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Intel Labs Is a Hub for Breakthroughs

Intel Labs works with and sponsors leading researchers around the world. That includes prominent university science and technology centers, the National Science Foundation, and the Semiconductor Research Corporation. Together we are doing research that’s transforming how machines think, learn, and adapt.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has the potential to tackle problems conventional computers can’t handle. Quantum bits (qubits), can exist in multiple states simultaneously, allowing a large number of parallel calculations. This could solve certain kinds of computing problems much faster.

For example, it may simulate nature to advance research in chemistry, materials science, and molecular modeling.

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Neuromorphic Computing

Based on the Loihi research test chip. The self-learning, neuromorphic chip mimics how the brain functions by operating based on feedback from the environment. It can learn more efficiently, while requiring lower compute power.

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The Next Evolution in Computing

The Future of AI and Computing

See the possibilities of what neuromorphic technology will bring to artificial intelligence (AI) as we move toward the next evolution in computing.

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Learn About the Loihi Research Test Chip

This first-of-its-kind self-learning neuromorphic chip has enormous potential to improve autonomous operation and continuous learning. Implementations include automotive and industrial applications, and personal robotics.

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Featured Partnerships

Semiconductor Research Organization

STARnet is a collaborative network of stellar research centers within the SRC. Participants are finding paths around the fundamental physical limits threatening the long-term growth of the microelectronic industry.

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Learn About Other Intel Partners

Intel Labs partners with leading industrial development labs and research centers around the world.

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Applied Research in the News

Ocean Alliance: Snot Bot

SnotBots are custom-built drones created in partnership between Ocean Alliance and Olin College of Engineering. They collect the blow (or snot) exhaled from whales for AI-driven research.

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Princeton Mind Mapping

Princeton University neuroscientists joined forces with Intel computer scientists to map the human mind in real time, developing the next generation in brain imaging analysis.

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Princeton and Intel mapping the mind

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Entanglement spectroscopy on a quantum computer

Interfacing spin qubits in quantum dots and donors

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