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We are a research hub that seeks answers, solves problems and scales solutions.

What makes us different? Intel’s expertise spanning silicon, software and foundry, gives us a unique place in the research ecosystem to address the data challenges of our future. Our disciplined approach identifies the most promising ideas and advances them through our innovation workstream to deliver impactful technologies to the world.

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Intel Labs is a diverse, global team of researchers with a passion to solve tomorrow’s biggest challenges and create positive and lasting impact for everyone, everywhere.

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Industry leaders and domain experts from Intel Labs share insights on a wide range of research areas.  Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest blogs on Intel Labs research.

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Intel 2020 Outstanding Researcher Awards

Intel has recognized 18 outstanding academic researchers in areas such as AI, data center, speech recognition, autonomous vehicles, and components research.

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Intel 2020 Rising Star Faculty Awards

Intel has awarded 10 leading university researchers likely to build tomorrow’s disruptive computing technology, such as a novel cloud system stack, ultra-low power computing platforms, and AI systems that learn on the fly.

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