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Top 10 Intel Labs Blog Posts of 2021


  • The launch of Intel Labs' neuromorphic research chip, Loihi 2, ranks number one as the most popular blog of the year.

  • Top posts include researcher awards, industry research collaborations, and new experiments in integrated photonics.



Intel Labs had a lot of exciting news to share in 2021. The year kicked off with Labs Day. The Horse Ridge cryogenic quantum control chip was debuted as well as ControlFlag, a new machine programming tool that detects bugs in software code. In addition, Labs Day reported on progress in quantum computing, integrated photonics, and neuromorphic computing

Notable research published throughout 2021 included several thought-provoking blogs by Gadi Singer, Vice President, Director of Emergent AI Lab at Intel Labs. In addition, work by Moshe Wasserblat, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning Research manager published a series of blogs on Natural Language Processing (NLP) advancements. Intel's Cryoprober quantum testing tool was also announced, and several research papers were published at leading industry conferences. 

Intel Labs’ partnerships are a cornerstone of our work. This year industry, academic and governmental partnerships were formed with DARPA and Microsoft, Deci, Leidos and Fortanix, and Rice University as well as the National Science Foundation, Hugging Face, and Ikerlan. The most popular posts included the launch of Loihi 2 neuromorphic research chip, researcher awards and conferences. Read the top 10 Intel Labs blogs for 2021 (in order of publication) below: 

  1. Intel Advances Neuromorphic with Loihi 2, New Lava Software Framework and New Partners

    Loihi 2 is our second-generation neuromorphic research chip.  The chip incorporates insights from years of collaborative research with academic partners. Loihi 2 also features Lava, an open, modular, and extensible framework that will help accelerate ecosystem adoption and innovation. 

  2. Intel® 2021 Rising Star Faculty Award Recognizes 10 Leading Early-Career Professors

    Congratulations to our Second Annual Intel Rising Star Faculty Winners! These ten early career researchers are shaping innovation in the future of computing, and each represents key technology areas including cybersecurity, AI, nanotechnology, and more. 

  3. Social Impact Tech: Intel's Sinem Aslan On How Their Technology Will Make An Important Positive Impact

    Let's talk about the positive changes that are happening through technology. In this interview series, Jilea Hemmings speaks with Sinem Aslan (Ph.D.) of Intel Labs about her inspiring story, including how she's worked with Intel Labs to look toward the future of enhancing education. 

  4. Intel's 2020 Outstanding Researcher Awards Recognize 18 Academic Researchers

    We are honored to recognize 18 people with the 2020 Outstanding Researcher Award in recognition of their exceptional contributions through university-sponsored Intel research. Please join us in recognizing these researchers and their achievements in advancing technological innovation!

  5. Congratulations to the 2021 Semiconductor Research Corporation Award Winners 

    Our technologists have been awarded for their exceptional contributions to the semiconductor research community. Congratulations to Mandy Pant, this year's Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Champion, for her contributions as a strong advocate for the SRC mission. Congratulations also to Intel Labs' Gurpreet Kalsi and other Intel technologists, who were recognized as 2021 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Award winners for their meaningful advancements to SRC research programs and the industry.

    2021 SRC Champion, Mandy Pant:
    2021 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison winners:

  6. One-Layer Implicit Deep Model Uses Less Memory for Pattern Recognition

    Memory bottlenecks can limit the scale of conventional pattern recognition systems in computer vision and audio processing. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and our own Intel Labs introduced a deep model with only a constant memory cost to mitigate the bottleneck.  

  7. Intel: Advances in Silicon Photonics can Break the I/O "Power Wall" with Less Energy, Higher Throughput

    New experiments in Intel Labs with integrated photonics are generating promising breakthroughs, including lower power, higher performance, and greater reach. 

  8. Women's History Month: Meet the Women Innovating New Technologies at Intel Labs

    In honor of Women's History Month, meet some of the dedicated women in engineering at Intel Labs. From AI programs for education, neuromorphic computing for robotics, or confidential computing at the edge, these five women are researching groundbreaking technology daily.  

  9. Intel and Intel Labs Present 14 Papers at ISSCC 2021

    Intel Labs presented research on quantum computing, silicon photonics, DC-DC converters, and other cutting-edge research on integrated circuit design and application. Intel also was recognized with an Outstanding Evening Session Award for a session presented at last year's conference.

  10. Advancing Research for the Future of U.S. Innovation 

    Intel's Gabriela Cruz Thompson testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee in support of Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson's National Science Foundation (NSF) for the Future Act to further enable U.S. innovation.