Join the Intel® Connectivity Research Program

Become a member of the community and collaborate with industry peers to create the next generation of networking innovation where performance and programmability can be delivered together.

Intel Connectivity Research Program (ICRP) and Forum

Please visit the ICRP page for details to join the program as the Research Chair/Researcher as well as to join the ICRP forum.

This is the identification string generated for a specific research group once the research chair joins the ICRP program. This Group ID should be used by all the student participants in this research group. All students should reach out to the research chair to get their Group ID.

Please reach out to

You must be an ICRP member to join the forum. Join the forum using this link

ICRP confidentiality agreement is available here

Intel Connectivity Academy (ICA)

ICA courses are now offered by a third party. Reach out to

ICA announcements can be found in ICRP forum. You need to be a member of ICRP community to access the ICRP forum.

P4 Insight License

For SDE releases prior to 9.13.1, P4I license can be obtained by sending an email to From 9.13.1 onwards a P4I license is not required.

P4I License is free for ICRP customers.

Refer to the email sent to you after you requested for P4 Insight license or check the Knowledge base article. You need to have RDC access to view the article.

ICRP Paper Review

Paper review guidelines can be found here. You need to be a member of ICRP community to access review guidelines.

Please send your papers for review to

Access Issues

Your access would have been revoked if you are trying to access past your graduation date. If that is the case, you need to join the program again.

Please reach out to