The Experience You've Been Waiting For

Intel Arc Control software makes it easy to download and install the latest drivers and patches with a single click. Game On Drivers deliver excellent game performance with optimized launch-day patches and performance updates as new games release. Turn on Automatic Driver Updates to ensure the latest performance optimizations can be automatically downloaded and installed to your system when available. Schedule when drivers are installed, with additional options to notify only, download, or download and install automatically. You are in control.

View your library and customize each game with individual performance tweaks. You can also set up specific titles to auto-generate game highlight reels to save and share with friends.

Tune your machine to your exact preferences and monitor real-time performance metrics. Turn on a customizable telemetry overlay for a live visualization of your frame rate, GPU, CPU, memory utilization, and more.

Take your livestreams to the next level with broadcasting options built into a simple interface. Features like Intel® Deep Link Stream Assist, Virtual Green Screen and Auto-Frame, work simultaneously so you have creative control over your stage while also staying properly framed. With Intel Arc Control, look your best while playing your best.