Frequently Asked Questions

The Endurance Gaming setting needs to be set to Auto and the system must be unplugged (running on battery), before launching a DX11 game.

Yes. Endurance Gaming currently opportunistically saves power by throttling the SoC, even for non-DX11 games, while maintaining the frame-rate above the target.

No, the feature is designed to optimize gameplay experiences with battery life. As a result, there are tradeoffs between framerate and system level power such that native performance typically needs to be above a certain threshold (ex: 60 FPS).

There are numerous platform prerequisites for Endurance Gaming Mode. If Endurance Gaming Mode is not showing up in Intel Arc Control, the design may not meet requirements for enablement. For more information on platform support, please refer to the supported platform section.

In order to minimize the latency, FPS is adjusted based on the native refresh rate of the laptop’s display panel. Certain panel refresh rates, such as 165 Hz or 144 Hz, can often result in frame-rate targets of 33-fps or 36-fps.

User downloads the Intel® Arc™ & Iris® Xe Graphics bundle from Intel.com. For supported platforms, the Endurance Gaming Mode UI are accessible through Arc Control.

The amount of additional play time that Endurance Gaming Mode produces is heavily dependent on system design factors. The feature currently functions by dynamically adjusting power to the Intel processors, based on the game’s actual frame-rate during play. However other system design factors, such as the display subsystem and its power-design for different levels of screen brightness, can greatly affect the overall battery life of a system.

Currently, no. Intel Arc Control may install Endurance Gaming Mode on systems that have both integrated graphics from Intel and discrete graphics, but the Endurance Gaming Mode background process will not perform power management in such configurations. Intel is still investigating whether this capability can be reliably enabled for systems with discrete graphics.

Please ensure Intel Arc Control is configured to launch at startup.

Endurance Gaming Mode provides the most measurable performance benefit to DX11 games. Games often need to consistently produce 60 fps or higher for meaningful power savings.