How MSI & Intel Ushered in a New Ultraportable Gaming Category

By Fredrik Hamberger, GM of Premium and gaming laptop segment.

Partnering to Create a New PC Category: Ultraportable Gaming

  • Intel and our ecosystem partners have created an entirely new category of PC—the ultraportable gaming laptop—designed for the nearly 40% of gamers who want a premium, thin, portable gaming PC.

  • Leading OEMs are working with Intel to deliver more than 40 ultraportable gaming laptops in 2021—all powered by the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35-series processor, delivering the fastest single-threaded performance of any laptop processor.1 It’s an industry first and a technical milestone in response to people’s real-world needs.

  • The MSI Stealth 15M sets the new standard as one of thinnest 15” gaming laptops ever created, with the versatile performance, battery life, and form factor for every kind of PC experience.



Gaming Goes Mobile

Today, a new class of gamers want a new type of PC. Our research reveals that students, young professionals, and other dynamic gamers want thinner, more versatile gaming laptops that are also great all-around PCs for work, school, content creation, and personal activities.

In short, they want the best of both worlds. We set out to make it happen. Our team partnered with top OEMs to create not just one laptop, but an entirely new category: ultraportable gaming PCs.

Intel defines “ultraportable gaming” as a laptop with a 14- to 15-inch display, and less than 18mm thin. These laptops are powered by the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35-series processor (an “H”-series part operating at 35W). It has the fastest single-threaded performance of any laptop processor—enabling people to play popular games in 4K resolution at high settings and the majority of popular esports and AAA games in full HD at high settings.2 3

OEMs like MSI, Acer, Vaio, and ASUS are releasing more than 40 ultraportable gaming designs in the first half of 2021, including the MSI Stealth15M—one of thinnest 15” gaming laptops ever designed.

Ultraportable Gaming on the Rise

PC gaming has fully arrived as mainstream entertainment, enjoyed by more than 1.2 billion people around the world.4 This is a large, diverse community that has embraced gaming as a way to compete, relax, and connect. Just consider that, on Twitch, an average of 2.9 million concurrent viewers watched more than 2 billion hours of content in January 2021.

As more people game, many want new and different gaming PC choices that fit their diverse needs. This choice is rooted in how they use their PC. Our research reveals that 39% of people buying a gaming laptop want a thinner, premium PC; one that’s portable, features a long battery life, powers work, school, content creation, and personal activities, and can also be used for gaming.

92% of this group use their gaming laptop as their primary computing device, splitting their time between a range of activities and with a range of purchase triggers, as shown above. And nearly 80% say they want a gaming PC’s high-end specs and features, but on a device that looks more like a traditional laptop.

But many people didn’t see the right choice for them on the market. 38% of those surveyed who did not purchase a gaming laptop said the reason was bulkiness or weight.

Enter the new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H35-series processor, which meets all the needs of this new class of gamers. This processor includes critical features normally found only in high-end desktop systems: up to 5GHz frequency, PCIe Gen 4.0 architecture for the fastest storage and supporting the latest discrete graphics, and Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+). These features provide a balance of mobility and advanced gaming—an industry first and a technical milestone in response to people’s real-world needs.

The MSI Stealth 15M: Performance Meets Ultraportable

The MSI Stealth 15M sets the standard for this new category. Through complex co-engineering, the Intel and MSI teams were able to deliver a laptop that offers everything people need to work and play.

MSI has partnered with Intel for a long time on our common goal: bring the best performance, best gaming experience, and best innovation to market. With Intel’s support not only in engineering expertise, but also marketing, positioning, and innovation, MSI can deliver products like the Stealth 15M sooner than others. - Clark Peng, vice president and Head of Product Management at MSI

This includes not only the incredible performance of H-series processors, but also:

  • A first for graphics: The Stealth 15M offers incredible visuals, as the first laptop where Intel has attached enthusiast-level graphics to a CPU. The key was our partnership with NVIDIA to enable an industry open standard for resizable BAR, which allows the CPU to access the lightning-fast GPU memory. This led to a 6-7% speed increase during game testing.
  • Best-in-class wired and wireless connectivity:5 People can easily connect the Stealth 15M to their gaming or office set-up, with Thunderbolt 4 for a simple, reliable connection and up to 40Gps transfer speeds. They can also count on Intel Wi-Fi 6 for better online gaming, plus smooth video calls for their other activities.
  • Advanced cooling solution: People don’t have to worry about the Stealth 15M overheating, even with intense gaming. We worked with MSI to develop a sophisticated cooling system with two fans and six pipes to minimize heat and maximize airflow.

Our Goal: A Gaming Choice for Everyone

Our partnership with MSI on the Stealth 15M is just one part of Intel’s ongoing effort to provide people with PC gaming experiences as dynamic as the world of gaming itself.

In addition to hardware innovation, we are continuing to work with leading ISVs to make sure the latest gaming titles offer high frame rates and smooth gameplay when running on Intel silicon. For example, on the Stealth 15M, people can count on 1080p gameplay with up to 155 FPS for Total War: Troy, up to 182 FPS for League of Legends, and up to 207 FPS for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.6 7 8

The MSI Stealth 15M and other ultraportable gaming laptops show what’s possible when co-engineering efforts pursue ambitious concepts with the latest, most powerful technologies. I’m thrilled to work with our partners to continue pushing the limits and delivering more industry-firsts.

For more information about how Intel is delivering powerful, real-world experiences on the PC, read more stories here.

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