Power to the Gamers: Meet the Alienware Aurora R13 with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Breaking Boundaries, Empowering Gamers:

  • The Alienware Aurora R13 puts more power in the hands of gamers than ever before. This PC maximizes gaming performance with Intel’s all-new Performance Hybrid Architecture and Alienware’s custom-built Cryo-tech* cooling solution.

  • 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors feature two types of cores—the biggest architecture leap in more than a decade. Performance-cores supercharge the gaming experience, while Efficient-cores handle other multitasking on the Alienware Aurora R13.

  • The Alienware Aurora R13 is the result of deep collaboration between Alienware and Intel that resulted in an incredibly high-performance PC with a range of advances to meet gamers’ real-world needs.



By Vivian Lien, VP of Alienware

At Alienware, we’re defying boundaries to bring elite gaming to more people than ever before. We believe that gamers should have the power to enjoy unbridled computing experiences. That’s why we teamed up with Intel to design the Alienware Aurora R13 – a machine that provides incredible computing experience with world-class performance.

We combined Intel’s all-new performance hybrid architecture in their 12th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors with Alienware’s custom-built Cryo-tech* cooling solution, the latest DDR5 memory, and support for PCIe 5.0 lanes.

Together, our teams developed, optimized, and validated these technologies. In fact, the Alienware Aurora R13 was one of the first gaming desktops chosen for Intel’s exclusive Innovation Excellence Program (IEP) in more than 5 years. That means gamers can trust they’re getting some of the most advanced technologies across the entire system through Intel’s additional support and engineering resources that brought this device to life.

So, how did we collaborate to build a PC that breaks boundaries for gamers?

More Per Core: Custom Thermals & Breakthrough Architecture

Our teams started with a clear goal: achieve the sustainable performance for how people game, including extended sessions with other tasks running in the background. That requires getting more out of every core, with superior single- and multithreaded performance, while also keeping the whole system cool and quiet.

Enter the custom solutions from Alienware and Intel. First, we wanted to tap into the biggest architecture leap in more than a decade on Intel's 12th Generation Intel® Core™ desktop processors, with two types of cores: Performance-cores (P-cores) to power the most advanced gaming experiences, and Efficiency-cores (E-cores) to handle background tasks like recording, streaming, or web browsing. Impressive performance also requires a strong thermal solution, so we created a custom Alienware Cryo-tech* liquid-cooling system, with a new pump, radiator, cold plate, and fan technology.

It’s a stunning system, inside and out. We designed the chassis with a clear panel on one side to show off the inside of the machine, its premium components, and Cryo-tech* exclusive lighting.

Industry-Leading Platform Technologies: DDR5 & PCIe 5.0 Ready

But we weren’t finished yet. We also worked with Intel to inspire the entire PC ecosystem to deliver the latest, fastest platform technologies ahead of schedule—so gamers can tap into an extra level of performance.

We collaborated with the memory ecosystem to get early access to samples of DDR5, enabling ultra-fast speed and efficiency. The unlocked processors also make for easy overclocking and advanced tuning support with Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU).

We’re innovating for the future with built-in support for PCIe 5.0 lanes—even though PCIe 5.0 isn’t available yet. Once it is, gamers can easily add PCIe 5.0 with support for the fastest discrete graphics and storage, making the Alienware Aurora R13 future-ready.

A New Era for PC Gaming Has Begun

This is just the beginning for what gamers can expect from their desktops. We’re prepared to give gamers the ultimate autonomy: faster, smarter performance to achieve more. Whether gamers want to turn their settings to the maximum, multitask running many windows and programs at once, or take on heavy workloads like video editing and creation, the Alienware Aurora R13 can achieve this all.

It’s time to defy boundaries and put more power in the hands of gamers. Alienware and our partners at Intel are committed to this vision for gaming PCs, and we’re already exploring the new collaborations to make it all happen.