People-Led Design for Laptop Innovation




People have so many devices these days. They have laptops and phones. They have watches. And that pressure to always be on, to always be presenting your best side can feel really overwhelming for people, and really distract them from what they're trying to do.

So when they turn to their laptops, they're often really wanting to just focus and concentrate and do something that's really important for what they're doing. And that might be at home. Or it might be at work. Designing technology, based on a really in-depth understanding of people means that we can create experiences that are actually meaningful to them, that really make a difference in their lives.

So both engineering and design are there iterative processes. And together, we go through this technical composition-- and that's mostly led by the architects-- to understand, at a very technical level, what do we need to create, to achieve and implement those experiences? For my family, I look at my kids, who are all teenagers, and think about the ways that they're so distracted by social media, the way that they struggle to do homework. The laptops that we're designing will actually help them focus so they get through college. That's what I hope.